How to Gain More App Revenue during the Season of Holidays

The season of holidays is the exact period of the year when the dreams come true. It is the best time in the year for both customers and sellers. Great sales like Black Friday is a great chance for the customer to buy a device for an affordable price, and for a seller to increase revenue significantly. If you want to sell your application and gain a big profit, always stay aware of the holidays and prepare to meet a holiday season.

Holiday Shopping Metrics

Definitely, statistics greatly demonstrates the importance of holiday seasons for app owners. According to the recent studies, the season of holidays is characterized by the following occasions and tendencies.

  • The Black Friday biggest shopping hours include a period between 8 am and 10 am, and the next period between 5 pm to 10 pm. This is due to the working hours schedule mostly.
  • The comScore data shows people prefer in-app sites to mobile sites.
  • The Black Friday buyers prefer email promotions (55%), in-app messages (25&), and push notifications (23%) as the main types of notifications.
  • The Black Friday is not the only period of the year when the sales grow significantly. Such giants like Walmart, Amazon, and Target report about increased profits on Thanksgiving sales as well.
  • The Adobe has earned the biggest profit (about $6.6. billion) in a Cyber Monday of 2017.
  • PayPal has an impressive profit increase both on Thanksgiving Day (43%) and on Black Friday (51%).
  • The Christmas Eve is another exceptional date when customers prefer making their purchases. For Instance, the MasterCard highest sales occurred on the Christmas Eve of December 17.
  • The Apple reports about over $300 million profit on New Year’s Day and January 1, 2018. Moreover, the purchases on the Christmas Eve have brought over $890 million in profit.

What to Do To Increase Profits on Holidays

If you want to get the biggest profits on holidays, make sure you have prepared for the holidays properly. Without a proper strategy, there will be no chance to get an increased profit since it will be only a patchy retailing. You need to run an advanced mobile app campaign in order to get the biggest profits.

Provide Incentives

If you want to find more people to buy your application, offer intriguing bonuses and promotions. If every new customer gains a pleasant bonus, you will increase your fan base as well.

Provide Exceptional In-App Deals

The special deals and offers make an application really greatly appreciated by users. Over 67% of users prefer those apps, which offer special deals. In-app deals bring additional benefits for customers and more profit for app developers.

Provide Errorless Checkout Process

Over 60% of users prefer mobile shopping to traditional one since they do not need to wait in store to buy some item. If you want to gain bigger profits, do everything to provide an errorless and convenient shopping experience for every shopper.

Make Your App Noticeable

The number of mobile apps available on the current market increases every year, thus nowadays many app developers have a need to distinguish its application from a wide variety of familiar apps. It is great to offer an exceptional icon, theme, or colors related to certain holidays to make people remember your application. According to recent surveys, a special holiday-related icon can bring up to 47% conversion uplift for app developers.

Use Advanced Push Notifications

The immediate push notifications help shoppers to find the last news about the wanted items and updates. Besides, this special type of notifications brings additional benefits to users by delivering special offers and information about exclusive sales.

Provide Proper Ads

Almost 90% of shoppers want to see ads in order to know about the forthcoming sales. Therefore, it is great to cooperate with a reliable ad company in order to provide ads about sales and other exclusive offers. A proper advertising campaign must always be an important process for every app developer who wants to gain impressive revenue.

The season for holiday is a great time for app developers who want to increase the number of app downloads and a total profit. With a proper marketing strategy, you will gain impressive revenue and will make your application visible.

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