Payable Ads as the Most Promising Ads Format

We live a digital world where everyone uses smartphones and mobile applications on a daily basis. The mobile usage is increasing every year, and the current 5G era brings a rapid development of advertising technologies. The app developers, who search for new users, need to use the advanced types of advertising in order to increase the number of installs and downloads. Among a wide variety of ads types, it is important to choose the one, which will help you to become better than your competitors and gain strong positions in the market.

The Topmost Type of Modern Ads

The modern types of advertising include a wide variety of ads since the current market requires new ads formats to grab the users’ attention. Playable ads or so-called interact ads are the exact visual ads that allow advertisers to provide interactive content in form of short videos.
Users prefer clicking on the exact ads that grab their attention and can let them enjoy various extra possibilities, like playing demo versions or getting additional bonus offers. Make sure to provide an interesting format of ads, since users do not like irrelevant information and boring content. Hence, you need to be clever enough to know how to provide interesting information to intrigue the user. Often, marketers tend to interest a user with the possible winnings or gift offers, thus the box with “Open your Gift” is quite popular among online ads.
The interactive ads are aimed at stimulating users to click on ads and buy the advertised item or service. In addition, users who click on the ads can install the application and proceed in in-app activity. Mostly, interactive ads remain fun advertising offers, focused on a strong person’s desire to get some free offer or a big winning. According to official statistics, about 90% of businesses report that interactive ads are very effective business instruments nowadays.
Payable ads are aimed at letting users play a short game or reach a webpage for getting a prize in order to send the user eventually to the store page and make him download the exact advertised game or application. Many companies provide short versions of games to make the users interested in their app and make them buy an application or a game eventually. Payable ads are a well-promising trend of the current market, with its free game offers, clever ads ideas, and impressive results.

The Main Features of Payable Ads

Payable ads are a new ad format, which brings more users and increases sales significantly. The main reason for such a phenomenon is improved users’ engagement and relevant content provided for every exact user.

The following features characterize modern payable ads:

  • Improved Brand Recall. The payable ads improve the user engagement, together with the content offered for every user, and make a brand closer to every user. The payable ads provide interactive communication of brands with users, thus brands gain more opportunities to improve the user experience.
  • Better Chances to Get Loyal Customers. Payable ads allow bringing more users who can become loyal with time. Since payable ads provide extra bonuses and free offers, users prefer such ads to any other advertisings types. Users know what they can get once reaching an app. These ads bring a clear picture of the offered product and never let a user get lost in offers. Therefore, numerous users keep checking this type of ads the most often.
  • Great Profit for Both Advertiser and Publisher. Payable ads bring higher conversion rates, thus it is beneficial for both advertiser and publisher. Payable video ads have seven times higher conversion rates than traditional ads. Hence, advertisers get bigger profits and conversion rates, and publishers get increased eCPMs rates as well.
  • Progressive but Very Promising Ad Format. Payable ads are innovative progressive advertising format, but they let app developers reach impressive results. In fact, payable ads have covered only 6% of the total budget of app installs in 2017. Therefore, this innovative format can be developer greatly in the closest period and bring significant profits for advertisers and publishers.

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