Nine Ways to Monetize Free Applications

If you still think only paid applications can bring money to its developers, you are wrong. The free application can be also turned into moneymaking tools if paying a little of your time and efforts. Every clever developer can earn a lot of money through free apps’ monetization.

The Modern App Market Characteristics

The modern mobile app market gets bigger every day, thus the total profit of the mobile industry reaches billions of dollars every year. With increased economical cost-effectiveness, many app developers tend to get money from their free applications. Since numerous mobile applications have millions of users, it is possible to gain impressive sums of money once launching an application. The world business now faces a new phenomenon of increased in-app purchases and in-app ads. These spheres of marketing are the top trends in the current market.
Moreover, the up-to-date market provides access to a few billions of modern applications, thus if you want to get money from your free app, make sure to follow the next guides and monetization strategies.

The Top Options of Monetization

The proper app monetization method brings advanced possibilities for app developers. Once selecting a certain method, you will try to influence users in order to increase downloads and installs and get bigger revenue. If you tend to get a good revenue, you need to assure a great user experience and provide top features and app options. A proper monetization tactic is aimed at both increasing the main app’s rates and improving its top features significantly. In this article, we will talk about the main monetization tactics.

Effective Advertising

Advertising is a great chance to earn money. When you add ads to your mobile application, you can gain a bigger profit. The modern digital advertising brings numerous benefits for both app developers and clients. Since many people spend a lot of time on their mobile devices, reaching an impressive revenue is getting easier every year. Besides, the up-to-date ads are usually related to the user’s recent searches, thus they remain quite useful.

E-Mail Marketing

Despite the fact this technique is no longer new, it is still very effective. Even with a number of developers who think this marketing method is outdated, many successful creators use the e-mail marketing to increase own fan base. Besides, this marketing technique does not require a lot of money or any additional efforts. You can use many advanced marketing methods, but this one is really operational and trusted.

Sponsorship Deals

One of the most profitable monetization tactics is dealing with sponsors. The app development companies often tend to develop their own products avoiding any other company to assist. In the same time, it is more beneficial to let other companies be a sponsor gaining an extra profit with it. In addition, you can use the services of other company for proper app promotion, especially when you deal with an establishment that has an own blog with an incredibly big fan base. You can find your loyal sponsor, and share the profits with the sponsor or get a monthly fee. This cooperation can be beneficial for both a developer and a sponsor.

In-App Purchases

This is an advanced monetization method since the in-app purchases can make an application really greatly appreciated by users. Over 70% of users prefer those apps, which offer special deals. In-app purchases bring additional benefits for customers and more profit for app developers eventually.

Freemium Upsell

When you tend to increase profit, many monetization tactics can be easily used for mobile app promotion. It is possible to find a bunch of effective marketing tactics, and even create your own one if you have enough time. You can use the Freemium apps option to gain the biggest profit since it is one of the best monetization tactics nowadays. This method is aimed at reaching a wider users’ base and make them download the application.

Gathering and Sharing Data

The app development companies often tend to use the information collected from users. In the same time, this information is mostly needed for certain researches. The companies can collect and share information about the users and their preferences with third parties. You can use various methods and tools to collect users’ information and share it with researchers.

Focus on Referral Programs

While some people see referral marketing as a program with low efficiency, this is one of the most effective ways to optimize and sell your product. Even top app development companies encourage referral marketing since it allows promoting an application increasing the number of installs and downloads.

Physical Purchase

Modern applications can become a great platform for selling physical goods like mobile tablets, toys, clothes, etc. Since the mentioned platforms have an incredible number of users worldwide, it is easier to sell various goods. Besides, this type of online selling is affordable and convenient for both sellers and customers.


Subscriptions are a wonderful way to increase your profit and improve communication with clients. When dealing with subscriptions, make sure to provide fresh content to keep your users interested in your products. With the latest updates and constant optimization efforts, you will increase the number of your loyal users significantly.

The up-to-date market provides access to a few billions of modern applications, thus if you want to get money from your free apps, make sure to follow the next guides and monetization strategies. Keep up with the latest trends on the mobile app market and improved software technologies and program tools.

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